Amazing Facts about How Technology is Transforming Education!

Technology, the term in itself is so vast and saturated that one cannot comprehend how life will be without it. Today, in the 21st century, where robots have started to replace mass-labor, and e-commerce stores have altogether replaced traditional shopping methods, the education sector is no exception.

A 2013 survey conducted by ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) found some whopping facts on technology’s impact in the education sector.

  • According to that survey, 50% of students ranging from 10-18 years in age, use the internet for their homework at least once a week.
  • Similarly, 77% of teachers said that technological advancement enhances student interaction in the class, and they love to learn when they get a visual representation of their lesson.

Technology has now deep-rooted ties with education, and its impact is only growing with each passing day. From collecting study material to communicating with a professor who lives on another side of the globe, technology has solved it all.

You just need a smart device and an internet connection, and you are ready to dive into the virtual world of learning.

Modern-day devices and networking sites have facilitated teachers, students, and parents alike.

The teachers can convey their message through emails and chat rooms, students can collect study material through internet, and parents can get a detailed know-how of their kid’s study records by accessing the university/college’s student portal.

Who could imagine this 20 years ago, when the only mean of communication used to be a letter or in exceptional cases, telegrams.

This massive impact is only increasing and becoming unavoidable. I have compiled a list of the effects technology has left on the education sector and how is it beneficial for learning. Bear with me till the end and let us explore this vast field to TechEd (a term used for technological education):

  1. Communication

My grandpa once told me that he was a fan of a very well-known author in his student days. He used to write him letters as feedback to his new publications and used to anticipate his response.

Do we have this much patience now? No, we don’t (at least I don’t have it). We need a quick response, be it positive or negative. And these communication apps are lifesavers for us now.

You need your professor’s remarks on an assignment? Shoot him an email right away. You want access to a paid journal? Search for the author’s LinkedIn profile, and ask him if he can give you limited access (it will save your money of buying the journal’s subscription, cool no?).

You are a teacher and want to tell the students about a make-up class? Yay, you’ve got WhatsApp!

Communication is the key in the education sector as it is not limited to a place, you can get knowledge from all over the world. And modern-day technology has become the best way to connect with people.

  1. Enhanced collaboration

Olden times were quite dull when students had to look at the black/green board for an hour without any kind of interaction with each other or the teacher (remaining quite for an hour while listening to the same old lectures? I know how that feels pal!)

Today we have projectors, video-players, and smart boards installed in the classrooms.

Students can interact and collaborate with each other as much as they wish to.

In fact, modern researches have shown that students learn faster and better when they have a group discussion. The animators and projectors give the students leverage to collaborate and create fantastic group projects, which prove to be amazing at the end.

  1. New opportunities

Gone are the days when people used to write letters to universities for getting information about scholarships and funding.

All you have to do now is subscribe to the university’s website/blog, and you’ll get a notification every time they update a scholarship.

Getting approval from supervisors used to be tough back then, as there were no reliable means to approach an unknown professor and persuade him to give your application a thought.

My professor shared his story with us that he had to wait for 4 years before his Ph.D. scholarship got approved because the letter he wrote to his expected supervisor was not delivered at the right address. Such a nuisance!

And when we look at today’ scenario, the things are entirely different. You can know about scholarships, can apply for the,. And can verify your documents, everything through online ways no need face much hassle.

  1. Google is the best buddy

Who could imagine 15 years ago that a company named Google will expand to this extent that we can’t even move without it now?

Downloading books, accessing journals, publishing research papers, gathering study material, completing online courses, what can’t Google do for students now?

From students to teachers, everybody lands at Google in most arguments and discussions because it has an enormous amount of information for you, just a few clicks away.

  1. Saving precious time

Who doesn’t like to complete his task before time and land on the couch to watch Liverpool playing? Technology not only makes one smart and competent, but it also saves time.

Teachers mark deadlines in the students’ chat room with a reminder that if anybody is late, his assignment won’t be accepted. Simple!

Doing so keeps the students attentive, and they get rid of the procrastination habit to a great extent.

Similarly, grading assignments and uploading mark sheets is also done through software and tools now.

In my university, we used to upload our assignments on software called “HELP,” and it was linked with the country’s higher education commission. Which means, it checks plagiarism and grammar mistakes before the assignment is forwarded to the professor for grading.

Such soft wares benefit both sides. The students become more diligent and try to be unique in assignments, while the teachers can save their time of pointing out mistakes. Just a glance at the software’s report is enough to assess the student’s work.

Tools like Grammarly, Turnitin, and ginger play a significant role in saving time and energy of learners and teachers alike.


Korean dramas – My Happy Place!

A Whole new world!

I was scrolling through some blogs in the morning, and found a series with the name “my happy place”.

In that thread, people were describing what makes them truly happy.

From cooking to stitching, and from trekking to watching anime, everything was there.

I found that thread so lively and energetic that I decided to write about my happy place right after reading a few blogs.

After some brainstorming and scrutinizing my hobbies, I was almost clueless about what exactly my happy place is?

I made a list of things I love to do and truly enjoy while doing them.

That list included:

  • Cricket
  • Blogs
  • Travelling
  • Talk-shows
  • The Ellen show
  • Pewdipie
  • The big bang theory
  • Young Sheldon

And many more.

Now definitely I can’t combine all of them in one place. That is why I picked my most favourite “Korean dramas” as my happy place.

Because I spend most of my idle time while downloading and watching some amazing Korean dramas.

Whenever people hear the term K-drama or K-pop, they start thinking that this is just an obsession. Because both fields have prevailed over the globe due to their immense popularity.

I would like to disagree here, it’s not an obsession. It’s a passion.

The huge impact the Korean entertainment industry has on the world is no longer a hidden thing.

Their songs are ranking highest in billboard music charts and their dramas are trending worldwide.

There must be a reason behind this popularity right? I mean a thing doesn’t get famous without a reason.

So here are the reasons which make Korean dramas popular and my happy place!

  1. The plot

Whenever you pick up a Korean drama, you will find a strong story plot and script in there. Their writers are not just go-getters. They spend months or even years to complete a script.

And the end result is always amazing. If you want to explore this amazing drama world and are fond of watching a strong storyline in dramas, then here are the dramas you should give a try.

  • Moon lovers, Scarlet Heart Ryeo
  • Goblin
  • Oh my Venus
  • Secret garden
  • Descendants of the sun
  • Healer
  • The K2
  • Legend of the blue sea

Actually, there are many more but I am just quoting my personal favourites.

baby byun
The Magnificient cast of moon Lovers, Scarlet heart Ryeo

  1. The Actors

Second most crucial thing which makes any drama/movie a success is the soulful acting.

In my personal opinion, Korean actors really immerse themselves in their roles. Even if you are not their fan, I am sure you will still applaud their acting skills. Just a glimpse of their acting is enough to turn you into a fan, trust me.

These few are the top-notch Korean actors, who just put life in a drama and makes you go through a roller-coaster of emotions.

  • So Ji Sub
  • Gong Yoo
  • Bae Su Ji
  • Kim Woo bin
  • Song Jong Ki
  • Song Hye Kyo
  • Lee Min Hoo
  • Ji Chang Wook
  • Park Shin Hye
  • Shin Min Ah

You see my list doesn’t seem to end anytime soon, yeah that’s the talent I am a fan of.

Amazingly talented Ji Chang Wook And Park Min Young

  1. The Melodious OSTs

Opening sound track of movies and dramas define the effort people have put in there, that’s my belief.

And as I already said, they just never stop amazing me, their OSTs are also a definition of perfection.

From melodious voices to perfectly composed background music, the OSTs are just masterpieces.

Whenever a new K-drama pops up in my newsfeed, I search for its OST and download it on my phone (my phone’s memory is full due to the very reason hahaha).

My few most favourite OSTs are from the following dramas:

  • Goblin (my ultimate favourite)
  • Decedents of the sun
  • Legend of the blue sea
  • Boys over flowers
  • Healer
  • The city hunter

And again I can’t stop writing this list (you should go and listen, I bet you won’t regret).

Best Drama with The Best OST

  1. The Exotic Locations

Korea in itself is a beautiful country (let me remind you again, I am not an obsessed fan) and the locations they pick for dramas are beyond beautiful.

However, they are not confined to shooting dramas in Korea only:

  • Goblin was shot in Canada
  • Memories of Alhambra was filmed in Spain
  • Descendants of the sun drama was based in Iraq.
  • The Heirs was filmed in California

And again the list is endless.

The Mysterious Uruk city…..

  1. The Useful messages

Descendants of the sun (DOTS) showed a horrible earthquake in Uruk city, Iraq. And how the Korean para-medics team who was there to treat the wounded went through immense emotions, is something I can’t explain in words.

Those who have seen the said drama will agree with me on this point that it taught us a lot about human psychology and emotional ups and downs.

Similarly, Scarlet Heart was a historical drama, which focused on how people can even kill their blood-related relatives for throne and power (this is still applicable isn’t it?)

In short, these dramas aren’t all about romance and handsome guys (those who don’t follow K-dramas have this notion), instead, they focus on giving the audience a good and well-explained lesson at the end.

The Best action thriller (in my humble opinion)

  1. The Subtitles

If you are not familiar with the Korean drama industry, then you must be worried about how will you watch when you can’t comprehend their language? If the subtitles they offer are good enough or not?

Believe me, I asked the same questions when a very dear friend suggested me to watch a very popular Korean drama i.e. Boys over flowers some 4 years ago.

But, the subtitles these dramas offered were so profound and easy to understand. Those subs, in fact, helped me in improving my English proficiency.

The thing which makes Korean subtitles different is that the South Korean government has invested in translating their language.

And the results were beneficial for them because their entertainment industry became popular and started generating revenue for them. Smart move no?

The Mermaid and her long lost love…..

So, if you have some free time on your hands and want to watch some amazing dramas, Korean dramas are for you, my fella.

I am binge watching with them already, and you are also welcome to do so.

Summing up my happy place has been an immense pleasure for me, I hope you will also find it appealing and it will match your taste.

The other side of me!

This is the other side of me……

Being in my twenties, I am often sad or you can say depressed about numerous things.

The reason behind this is not specified most of the times. I can turn from a very happy person to a gloomy one within a minute.

Although my behaviour has evolved with time (it used to be more prevalent when I was a teenager), but that depressive part of my soul still prevails sometimes.

I name this behaviour as “the other side of me”, which either stays in silence for days or prevails me for days, there is no between.

The escape I needed……

This other side of me turns out to be beneficial sometimes, surprisingly.

I remember the time when I was depressed to the core because I wasn’t seeing any ray of hope in my life. My studies were going so-so and there were no chances of me becoming a successful or in other words a better person.

This other side of me affected me so much in those days that I decided to get out of it. I made a promise to myself, that no! This behaviour has to change, by hook or by crook.

You must be wondering how this sad phase helped me out. Let me explain!

The rays of light started reaching me…….

After being a pessimist for days, I opened my laptop and started searching for solutions to this problem. Internet was bombarded with a lot of suggestions.

Some were about meditating, some urged me to travel while some were promoting spiritual help.

Scrolling through these lists and mighty articles, the only thing which touched my heart was “write”. There was some angel (for me at least) who said: “whenever you feel sad, write”. It can be poetry, a short story or a simple description of your thoughts.

With having no prior experience of penning down my thoughts, I found it difficult and deep down in heart I was thinking “this isn’t going to be of any help”.

But, I was totally wrong. After reading that article and wasting a few more hours on social media, I opened a word file on my laptop and started staring at the blank page.

I did that for almost an hour because there were no words. As I already said, there was no specific reason for my sadness. It was just the other side of me.

Once an hour passed, I said to myself “if you can’t do this, just turn it off and go to sleep”.

I was about to turn it off but felt that the other side of me (the depressing side) was fading. Again, because there was no reason for that gloominess.

I felt a huge relief and let out a sigh!

Came back to the word file, gathered my thoughts and started typing on a random topic which I heard in news (my mother was watching the news in my room and I was also half-heartedly listening to it)

The first paragraph was pretty hard and it took me an hour to do that. But once that paragraph ended, I felt that the speed of my writing started increasing.

My thoughts were focused and I started feeling that I am doing something meaningful.

Right after it dawned on me that I am doing something good and significant, I felt immense pleasure and relief.

Yes my life does depend on it now…….

Since that time, whenever the other gloomy side of me plans to hit me, I start writing. Whatever topic comes to my mind, I start scribbling on it.

I have come to a conclusion after experiencing this scenario, that when there is no one around to listen to your thoughts, or you don’t have words to describe yourself, writing is the best way out.

It is not necessary to type everything, you can write your feelings in your diary or in your journal. Just make sure that when the gloomy side is about to prevail, tell it to wait and say “I have something important to do, we can meet later”. And trust me that helps a lot.

Once you are done with describing yourself on a piece of paper the gloomy side feels annoyed (I think it deserves it) and may leave you.

Isn’t it great to ditch your darker side and show it a way out of your life?

Writing and explaining my thoughts to a paper has helped me a lot, and I am sure it will help you too. Just a decision and strong will to overcome this darkness is needed and you will soon find yourself on the other side of the dark tunnel.

See, the dark tunnel always has a bright end……

Fangirling is normal, just don’t get obsessed with it!


One fine day, I was sitting idle and thinking about my celebrity crush with his picture opened on my phone. How sweet his smile is, how good-looking he is, how gentle his behaviour is towards his fans.

In short everything about him is so perfect.

He is so amazing that my heart starts racing when I look at his picture. And I can’t stop blushing (even when I am writing about him). This whole thing compelled me to write something on this fan-girl behaviour which I have.

I discussed this thing with a few fellows (just to make sure that I am not the only one) and came to know that every girl has someone she looks up to and feels infatuation for. This discussion was such a sigh of relief for me, the feeling that I am not the only one who has faced this dilemma was just matchless.

The infatuation a girl feels towards someone special is a sweet feeling in my humble opinion. That special person can be an actor, singer, sportsman, intellectual or anyone who is famous and well-known. Even if he is not a celebrity, we girls have ideals.


This whole thing was sounding so sweet until a friend of mine said “I want to kill myself when I think that I will never get to meet my favourite person. I feel so worthless after I compare myself with him”.

To be honest, this was the most disturbing thing I heard in that discussion of girls (most of them in their teenage or twenties). And it made me think,

“What if someone actually starts self-harm or any other dangerous thing i.e. drug addiction, due to this specific reason”.

Considering this dangerous looking scenario which came up between our discussion, here are a few things I would like to share with you. Which might change your opinion, and will help you to develop a more realistic approach.

  • We have never seen our favourite celebrity’s private life, nor do we know how they behave in real life. Everything we get to see is edited and (mostly) scripted.
  • Their PR team pays special attention in painting their positive image (which is not bad at all) but their actual personality might be totally opposite from what we get to see.
  • We never know how they will behave on a particular matter, or how furious can a sweet looking guy get when something bothers him.
  • We cannot simply judge a person by just looking at his Instagram stories and Twitter updates.

People tend to have a different online and offline life.

Therefore, the only thing you should remember is that “excess of everything is bad”.


Do not think of self-harm (for the love of God) or doing anything stupid just because you will not get to see your celebrity crush, who lives in probably the other side of the globe. Nor should you think that your life is a total waste because you aren’t that beautiful or famous.

Having an ideal and feeling infatuation for someone is not bad, but getting obsessed with it is.

I know a girl who keeps posting on her social media about her ideal every now and then. There is no harm in it because she feels happy when her Facebook timeline is full of that person’s pictures.

The situation starts to get worse when you cannot focus on your studies or job because of that particular obsession (which happens to most of us, right?)

I think I have full authority to write on this topic because I have gone through everything I have mentioned above.

I have numerous celebrity crushes (one of them is pretty serious by the way. He is handsome and I can’t resist him, that’s all) and have been fangirling on various idols for several years.

He is the one I am talking about, girls!

I want to remind you again, that liking (or even loving) someone who is unattainable is normal, its human nature to feel attraction towards a specific person.

But getting obsessed with this feeling isn’t normal at all. You can give your infatuation a special place in your heart. But, that shouldn’t disturb your daily life or it shouldn’t keep you sad and depressed all the time.

Pull your socks up, and face the challenges you have in your real life. Give full attention to your studies, job and family. Give time to your hobbies and play outdoor games, or whichever game you like.

And once you have completed your responsibilities of the day, open his Instagram account and start scrolling through his pictures (because that’s what I do daily).

See, I just spoke about Instagram and received a notification that he just made a post. Wow, what a treat. Now I am going to see what he posted, because I have to put some heart emojis in the comments (hahaha!)

See! I am not lying, I actually recieved a notifiation just now (how lucky I am).